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New Books

Chasing Zeroes: the rise of student debt
Newland, Laura.
Murder, she knit
Ehrhart, Peggy.
Kint one, die two
Ehrhart, Peggy.
Died in the wool
Ehrhart, Peggy.
The end of the magi
Carr, Patrick W.
Serving up love : a four-in-one Harvey House brides collection
Peterson, Tracie.
Dark star calling
Keller, Julia.
And then there were crumbs
Calder, Eve.
Death by Cafe Mocha
Erickson, Alex.
Crypt Suzette
Corrigan, Maya.
The killing way
Hays, Tony.
The bake shop : an Amish marketplace novel
Clipston, Amy.
How to celebrate Thanksgiving! : holiday traditions, rituals, and rules in a delightful story
Hallinan, P. K.
If the coffin fits .
Bell, Lillian.
Robert B. Parker's Angel eyes
Atkins, Ace.
The rise of magicks
Roberts, Nora.
A minute to midnight
BAldacci, David.
Criss Cross
Patterson, James.
The confession club
Berg, Elizabeth.
A fatal waltz
Alexander, Tasha.
A poisoned season
Alexander, Tasha.
And only to deceive
Alexander, Tasha.
A plague of lies
Rock, Judith.
The eloquence of blood
Rock, Judith.
The rhetoric of death
Rock, Judith.
Winter in June
Haines, Kathryn Miller.
When winter returns
Haines, Kathryn Miller.
The winter of her discontent
Haines, Kathryn Miller.
The war against Miss Winter
Haines, Kathryn Miller.
Panning for murder
Bain, Donald.
Three strikes and you're dead
Bain, Donald.
Every day in Tuscany : seasons of an Italian life
Mayes, Frances.
The mermaid in the basement
Morris, Gilbert.
A conspiracy of ravens
Morris, Gilbert.
Sonnet to a dead contessa
Morris, Gilbert.
Living dead in Dallas
Harris, Charlaine.
All other nights
Horn, Dara.
American gospel : God, the founding fathers, and the making of a nation
Meacham, Jon.
Argo : how the CIA and Hollywood pulled off the most audacious rescue in history
Mendez, Antonio J.
Brushwork essentials : how to render expressive form and texture with every stroke.
Weber, Mark Christopher.
Making & installing handmade tiles
Pozo, Angelica.
Sign language for everyone : a basic course in communication with the deaf
Rice, Cathy.
Signing exact English
Gustason, Gerilee.
Christmas Pajamas
Gardner, Stephen.
What's your story? : Volume 3: Green Pastures at Longdale, Family, Memory, Renewal
Vannorsdall, Joan. Editor.
What's your story? : Volume 2: Of time and trains
Vannorsdall, Joan. Editor
What's your story? : Volume 1: Remembering the Historic Masonic Theatre
Vannorsdall, Joan. Editor.
Surrender : a love letter to my daughter
Alpert, Lou.
The bodies in the library
Wingate, Marty.
The Christmas spirits on Tradd street
White, Karen.
Beating osteoporosis : the 12-week osteoporosis protocol
Calton, Mira.
The four horsemen : the conversation that sparked an atheist revolution
Hitchens, Christopher.
The valley of the shadow
Dunn, Carola.
The great unknown : seven journeys to the frontiers of science
Du Sautoy, Marcus.
The first 20 minutes : surprising science reveals how we can exercise better, train smarter, live longer
Reynolds, Gretchen.
Midnight at the Bright Ideas bookstore
Sullivan, Matthew.
Stick out your tongue
Jian, Ma.
Ice Station Zebra
MacLean, Alistair, 1922-1987.
When eight bells toll
MacLean, Alistair, 1922-1987.
Goethe, Ann.
Midnight lemonade
Goethe, Ann.
Year of desperate struggle : Jeb Stuart and his cavalry, from Gettysburg to Yellow Tavern, 1863-1864
Akers, Monte.
Appomattox : the last days of Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia
Haskew, Michael E.
Sons of freedom : the forgotten American soldiers who defeated Germany in World War I
Wawro, Geoffrey.
Lake season
Hunter, Denise.
A pilgrimage to eternity : from Canterbury to Rome in search of a faith
Egan, Timothy.
Mobituaries : great lives worth reliving
Rocca, Maurice.
Diary of a wimpy kid : wrecking ball
Kinney, Jeff.
Trump vs. China: facing America's greatest threat
Gingrich, Newt.
All blood runs red: thelegendary life of Eugene Bullard---boxer, pilot, soldier, spy
Keith, Phil.
Nerves of steel : how i followed my dreams, earned my wings, and faced my greatest challenge
Shults, Tammie Jo, 1961- author.
Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers : The Texas Victory That Changed American History
Kilmeade, Brian.
A marvelous life : the amazing story of Stan Lee
Fingeroth, Danny.
A serial killer's daughter : my story of faith, love, and overcoming
Rawson, Kerri.
Kiss the girls and make them cry
Clark, Mary Higgins.
Resistance Reborn
Roanhorse, Rebecca.
Some snow is . . .
Yeomans, Ellen.
A Christmas gathering
Perry, Anne.
Christmas in Silver Springs
Novak, Brenda.
Master of his fate : the house of Falconer
Bradford, Barbara Taylor.
Final option
Cussler, Clive.
Noel Street
Evans, Richard Paul.
Smoke screen
Blackstock, Terri.
Coffee with mom : caring for a parent with Dementia
Glenn, Mike.
Olive, again
Strout, Elizabeth.
Cast, P.C.
Goodkind, Terry.
The new Strong's exhaustive concordance of the Bible : with main concordance, appendix to the main concordance, topical index to the Bible, dictionary of the Hebrew bible, dictionary of the Greek Testament
Strong, James, 1822-1894.
13 artists children should know
Wenzel, Angela.
The Savannah College of Art and Design : restoration of an architectural heritage
Pinkerton, Connie Capozzola.
Foxe's Book of martyrs
Foxe, John, 1516-1587.
50 Best shape-up exercises
Rose, Sara.
Llama Llama, secret Santa surprise
Dewdney, Anna.
My little pony :spirit of the forest
Anderson, Ted.
Pete the cat and the supercool Science Fair
Dean, James.
Kindness and wonder : why Mister Rogers matters now more than ever
Edwards, Gavin.
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood : a visual history
Wagner, Melissa.
A Fox found a box
Adamson, Ged.
Encyclopedia of the American Indian
O'Brien, Cynthia.
America's Game: the NFL at 100
Rice, Jerry.
Guilty by reason of insanity: why the Democrats must not win
Limbaugh, David.
Exonerated: the failed takedown of President Donald Trump by the Swamp
Bongino, Dan.
The way I heard it
Rowe, Mike.
An encyclopedia of Tolkien : the history and mythology that inspired Tolkien's world
Day, David.
The Christmas Keeper
McKinlay, Jenn.
A snowy little Christmas
Michaels, Fern.