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New Books

Sewing with oilcloth
McCants, Kelly.
Cowl girls : the neck's best thing to knit
Carron, Cathy.
The art & craft of pyrography : drawing with fire on leather, gourds, cloth, paper, and wood
Irish, Lora S.
Paper blooms
Rudell, Jeffery.
The big book of Mod Podge: Decoupage made easy
Plaid Enterprises
Winston's war
Dobbs, Michael.
Rommel and his art of war
Rommel, Erwin, 1891-1944.
Never surrender : a novel of Winston Churchill
Dobbs, Michael.
The knight who saved England
Brooks, Richard.
Dead reckoning : navigating a life on the last frontier, courting tragedy on its high seas
Atcheson, Dave.
The fix
Baldacci, David.
The burial hour
Deaver, Jeffery.
Ghost's hour, spook's hour
Bunting, Eve.
White gold : the extraordinary story of Thomas Pellow and Islam's one million white slaves
Milton, Giles.
No easy target
Johansen, Iris.
Armstrong, Kelley.
Who thought this was a good idea?
Mastromonaco, Alyssa.
A secret courage
Goyer, Tricia.
Echo of danger
Perry, Marta.
Golden prey
Sandford, John.
Hard-Hearted Highlander
London, Julia.
A dog's purpose
Cameron, W. Bruce.
Any day now
Carr, Robyn.
Snow monster scare
Wasserman, Robin.
Magic pumpkins
Nagler, Michelle H.
Pirate's treasure
Barbo, Maria S.
Where ghosts walked : Munich's road to the Third Reich
Large, David Clay.
White devil : a true story of war, savagery, and vengeance in colonial America
Brumwell, Stephen, 1960-
You'll think of me
Hatcher, Robin Lee.
The chapel car bride
Miller, Judith.
No more hitting
Maysen, Maria.
Billy Bully : a school-yard counting tale
Galan, Alvaro.
Starting over on Blackberry Lane
Roberts, Sheila.
Against the wind
Martin, Kat.
The girl of his dreams
Woods, Sherryl.
A love beyond words
Woods, Sherryl.
The Lost Order
Berry, Steve.
One perfect lie
Scottoline, Lisa.
1636: mission to the Mughals
Flint, Eric.
Taking the Titanic
Patterson, James.
Jennings, Holly.
Earthly remains
Leon, Donna.
The night the lights went out
White, Karen
Sunset in Old Savannah
Ellis, Mary.
Bound together
Feehan, Christine.
Two from the heart
Patterson, James.
Sandpiper cove
Hannon, Irene.
The chosen
Ward, J. R.
War cry
Smith, Wilbur.
One foot in the grape
O'Neil, Carlene
Ripe for murder
O'Neil, Carlene.
The Regiment : 15 years in the SAS
Firmin, Rusty.
In Jesse's shoes : appreciating kids with special needs
Lewis, Beverly.
What is heaven like?
Lewis, Beverly.
What is God like?
Lewis, Beverly.
Available : a memoir of heartbreak, hookups, love and brunch
Perry, Matteson.
Left for dead : my journey home from Everest
Weathers, Beck.
The Beverly Lewis Amish heritage cookbook
Lewis, Beverly, 1949-
The ebb tide
Lewis, Beverly.
Carman, Patrick.
The tenth city
Carman, Patrick.
The Dark Hills divide
Carman, Patrick.
Beyond the Valley of Thorns
Carman, Patrick.
Magic steps
Pierce, Tamora.
Cold fire
Pierce, Tamora.
Pierce, Tamora.
Street magic
Pierce, Tamora.
The kingdom keepers
Pearson, Ridley.
Exit west
Hamid, Mohsin.
Portraits of courage : a commander in chief's tribute to America's warriors
Bush, George W.
The 1997 Masters: my story
Woods, Tiger.
The tea girl of Hummingbird Lane
See, Lisa.
Faces of the gone
Parks, Brad.
The player
Parks, Brad.
The fraud
Parks, Brad.
Trump's war: his battle for America
Savage, Michael.
Mad enchantment : Claude Monet and the painting of the water lilies
King, Ross.
America's first daughter
Dray, Stephanie.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Volume 1
Byerly, Kenny.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Volume 2
Byerly, Kenny.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 3
Byerly, Kenny.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Volume 4
Byerly, Kenny.
Skywalker strikes: volume 1
Aaron, Jason.
Skywalker strikes: volume 2
Aaron, Jason.
Skywalker strikes: volume 3
Aaron, Jason.
Skywalker strikes : volume 4
Aaron, Jason.
Skywalker strikes : volume 5
Aaron, Jason, author.
Skywalker strikes : Volume 6
Aaron, Jason.
Star Wars : Darth Vader : Volume 1
Gillen, Kieron.
Star Wars : Darth Vader : Volume 2
Gillen, Kieron.
Star Wars : Darth Vader : Volume 3
Gillen, Kieron.
Star Wars : Darth Vader : Volume 4
Gillen, Kieron.
Star Wars : Darth Vader : Volume 5
Gillen, Kieron.
Star Wars : Darth Vader : Volume 6
Gillen, Kieron.
Summer days
Jackson, Lisa.
Sweet rains
Roberts, Nora.
Hearts untamed
Roberts, Nora.
Play it again
Roberts, Nora.
Twice told tail
Brandon, Ali.
Assault and beret
McKinlay, Jenn.
Iced under
Ross, Barbara.
The whole cat and caboodle
Ryan, Sofie.
Buy a whisker
Ryan, Sofie.
Pop goes the murder
Abbott, Kristi.
Illegally Iced
Beck, Jessica.
Hooking for trouble
Hechtman, Betty.
Gray ghosts and rebel raiders
Jones, Virgil Carrington.
Yanks : the epic story of the American Army in World War I
Eisenhower, John S. D.
Patton and Rommel : men of war in the twentieth century
Showalter, Dennis E.
Intelligence in war : knowledge of the enemy from Napoleon to al-Qaeda
Keegan, John, 1934-2012.
The illustrated history of Briatin
Rowse, A.L.
General A.P. Hill : the story of a Confederate warrior
Robertson, James I.
Winfield Scott Hancock : a soldier's life
Jordan, David M.
Ashes of glory : Richmond at war
Furgurson, Ernest B.
Dresden, Tuesday, February 13, 1945
Taylor, Fred, 1947-
A look over my shoulder : a life in the Central Intelligence Agency
Helms, Richard.
V for victory : America's home front during World War II
Cohen, Stan.
Hitler 1936-1945: Nemesis
Kershaw, Ian.
Junie B., first grader : cheater pants
Park, Barbara.
Passing through paradise
Wiggs, Susan.
Starry night
Macomber, Debbie.
Ready for romance
Macomber, Debbie.
The Manning brides
Macomber, Debbie.
James Longstreet : Lee's war horse
Eckenrode, H. J.
A question of loyalty : Gen. Billy Mitchell and the court-martial that gripped the nation
Waller, Douglas C.
A history of weaponry
Canby, Courtlandt.
The book of the Continental soldier : being a compleat account of the uniforms, weapons, and equipment with which he lived and fought
Peterson, Harold Leslie.
Burma, the longest war, 1941-1945
Allen, Louis, 1922-1991.
Up front
Mauldin, Bill, 1921-2003.
The truth about your future
Edelman, Ric.
Evolution of the pedal car and other riding toys, with prices
Wood, Neil S.
Bird by bird : some instructions on writing and life
Lamott, Anne.
Murder is no accident
Gabhart, Ann H.
Dragonlance legends
Weis, Margaret.
Mississippi blood
Iles, Greg.
One moment, one morning
Rayner, Sarah.
The last chance matinee
Stewart, Mariah.
Vicious circle
Box, C. J.
A stolen heart
Cabot, Amanda.
Grace and the preacher
Sawyer, Kim Vogel.
Back spin
Coben, Harlan.
The secrets you keep
White, Kate.
Forever a hero
Miller, Linda Lael.
Writing with the master : how one of the world's bestselling authors fixed my book and changed my life
Vanderwarker, Tony.
A perfect obsession
Graham, Heather.
The cutthroat
Cussler, Clive.
Man overboard
Jance, J.A.
Mangrove lightning
White, Randy Wayne.
Wait for dark
Hooper, Kay.
If not for you
Macomber, Debbie.
The black book
Patterson, James.
Clock and dagger
Holmes, Julianna.
Just killing time
Holmes, Julianna.
Far Harbor
Ross, JoAnn.
The girl next door
Parks, Brad.
Eyes of the innocent
Parks, Brad.
Murder on the serpentine
Perry, Anne.
If I'm found
Blackstock, Terri.
Girl in disguise
Macallister, Greer.