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New Books

Kibuishi, Kazu.
Escape from Lucien
Kibuishi, Kazu.
Prince of the elves
Kibuishi, Kazu.
The last council
Kibuishi, Kazu.
The cloud searchers
Kibuishi, Kazu.
The stonekeeper's curse
Kibuishi, Kazu.
The stonekeeper
Kibuishi, Kazu.
The color of fear
Muller, Marcia.
Miss Julia weathers the storm
Ross, Ann B.
Playing hurt: my journey from despair to hope
Saunders, John.
The lying game
Ware, Ruth.
The last Tudor
Gregory, Philippa.
Any dream will do
Macomber, Debbie.
Inferno squad
Golden, Christie.
The blessing
Brunstetter, Wanda E.
Jackson, Lisa.
Defying Hitler : a memoir
Haffner, Sebastian.
The weapon wizards : how Israel became a high-tech military superpower
Katz, Yaakov, 1979- author.
Believe me : a memoir of love, death, and jazz chickens
Izzard, Eddie.
A bloom of bones
Jones, Allen Morris.
65 drunkard's path quilt designs
Cory, Pepper.
The medical examiner : a women's murder club story
Patterson, James.
The scariest book ever
Shea, Bob.
Something big has been here
Prelutsky, Jack.
Free refills : a doctor confronts his addiction
Grinspoon, Peter. M.D.
Lost & found
Sheehan, Jacqueline.
The whistling season
Doig, Ivan.
Five years in heaven : the unlikely friendship that answered life's greatest questions
Schlimm, John,.
Dancing shoes
Streatfeild, Noel.
The forever court
Rudden, Dave.
Watch me disappear .
Brown, Janelle.
Devil's bargain : Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the storming of the Presidency
Green, Joshua.
The promise of dawn
Snelling, Lauraine.
Kenyon, Sherrilyn.
See what I have done .
Schmidt, Sarah.
Before we were yours
Wingate, Lisa.
On her majesty's frightfully secret service
Bowen, Rhys.
Gone gull
Andrews, Donna.
The clockwork dynasty
Wilson, Daniel H.
The breakdown
Paris, B. A.
Crime scene
Kellerman, Jonathan.
Dead, to begin with
Crider, Bill.
The good daughter
Slaughter, Karin.
Pearls and poison
Brown, Duffy.
Demise in denim
Brown, Duffy.
Killer in crinolines
Brown, Duffy.
Iced chiffon
Brown, Duffy
Fluke, Joanne.
Winter chill
Fluke, Joanne.
Deadly memories
Fluke, Joanne.
Video kill
Fluke, Joanne.
Vengeance is mine
Fluke, Joanne.
The other child
Fluke, Joanne.
Final appeal
Fluke, Joanne.
Cold judgment
Fluke, Joanne.
What made maddy run : the secret struggles and tragic death of an all-american teen
Fagan, Kate.
The angels' share
Ward, J. R.
Devil's cut
Ward, J. R.
Barely legal
Woods, Stuart.
Rush Revere and the Presidency
Limbaugh, Rush H.
Rush Revere and The star-spangled banner
Limbaugh, Rush H.
Rush Revere and the first patriots
Limbaugh, Rush H.
Rush Revere and the American Revolution
Limbaugh, Rush H.
Riddle, A.G.
Zac & Mia
Betts, A. J.
Hidden in dreams
Bunn, T. Davis.
Good vibrations : my life as a Beach Boy
Love, Mike.
Everything, everything
Yoon, Nicola.
The cancer fighting diet: diet and nutrition strategies to help weaken cancer cells and improve treatment results
Coy, Johannes F., Dr.
Rachel's rescue
Miller, Serena.
The Sugar Haus Inn
Miller, Serena.
The accidental adventures of Doreen Sizemore
Miller, Serena.
A promise to love
Miller, Serena.
Under a Blackberry Moon
Miller, Serena.
The measure of Katie Calloway
Miller, Serena.
Frosty the dead man
Husom, Christine.
The iced princess
Husom, Christine.
Snow way out
Husom, Christine.
Paper made! : 101 exceptional projects to make out of everyday paper
Terry, Kayte.
An Iron wind: Europe under Hitler
Fritzche, Peter.
First big book of space
Hughes, Catherine D.
Until you loved me
Novak, Brenda.
Worth the wait
Foster, Lori.
Minecraft: the island
Brooks, Max.
Leave it to Cleaver
Hamilton, Victoria.
The Swamp : Washington's murky pool of corruption and cronyism and how Trump can drain it
Bolling, Eric.
The painted queen
Peters, Elizabeth.
Worlds of ink and shadow
Coakley, Lena.
Paradise valley
Box, C. J.
The happening: Nickel Mines School tragedy
Yoder, Harvey.
Fairstein, Linda A.
First strike
Coes, Ben.
Lucky strike
Pyron, Bobbie.
Theater shoes
Streatfeild, Noel.
Skating shoes
Streatfeild, Noel.
Ballet shoes
Streatfeild, Noel.
Atkins, Ace.
Whobert Whoever, owl detective
Gallaher, Jason.
Rosie Revere, engineer
Beaty, Andrea.
Mighty, mighty construction site
Rinker, Sherri Duskey.
Mother Bruce
Higgins, Ryan T.
The giant of Jum
Woollard, Elli.
Found dogs
Sirotich, Erica.
What do you do with an idea?
Yamada, Kobi.
Stay : a girl, a dog, a bucket list
Klise, Kate.
Rapunzel finds a friend
Patrick, Ella.
Let's pick apples
Depken, Kristen L.
Bubble blast
George, Kallie.
Crown of slaves
Weber, David.
Bearly departed
Macy, Meg.
Catch as cat can
Donally, Claire.
Hiss and tell
Donally, Claire.
Last licks
Donally, Claire.
Cat nap
Donally, Claire.
The big kitty
Donally, Claire.
The 12 Bugs of Christmas
Carter, David A.
Look behind you
Johansen, Iris.
Now I rise
White, Kiersten.
Hunger : a memoir of (my) body
Gay, Roxane.
I can't make this up : life lessons
Hart, Kevin.
My daughter's legacy
Clark, Mindy Starns.
Seven stones to stand or fall : a collection of Outlander fiction
Gabaldon, Diana.
Rediscovering Americanism : and the tyranny of progressivism
Levin, Mark R.
I am number four
Lore, Pittacus.
Generation one
Lore, Pittacus.
Kale to the Queen
Hampton, Nell.
The ugly duckling
Biro, Val.
Trusting Grace
Brendan, Maggie.
House of spies
Silva, Daniel.
Everything we left behind
Lonsdale, Kerry.
Waiting is not easy!
Willems, Mo.
Indigo Lake
Thomas, Jodi.
Biro, Val.
Death by Pumpkin Spice
Erickson, Alex.
The misadventures of Max Crumby 2 : middle school mayhem
Russell, Rachel Renee.
The fallen
Atkins, Ace.
Killers of the Flower Moon : the Osage murders and the birth of the FBI
Grann, David.
One of us is lying
McManus, Karen M.
News of the world .
Jiles, Paulette.
Black Dahlia avenger : a genius for murder
Hodel, Steve.
Pottymouth & Stoopid
Patterson, James.
Power down
Coes, Ben.
Coup d'Etat
Coes, Ben.
Independence day
Coes, Ben.
Ever after
Deveraux, Jude.
True love
Deveraux, Jude.
How to babysit a grandpa
Reagan, Jean.
Dragons love tacos 2: the sequel
Rubin, Adam.
Beautiful tempest
Lindsey, Johanna.
Robert B. Parker's slow burn
Atkins, Ace.
Some kind of hero
Brockmann, Suzanne.
Hué̂ 1968 : the turning point of the American war in Vietnam
Bowden, Mark.
A game of ghosts
Connolly, John.
Two nights
Reichs, Kathy.
Beloved hope
Peterson, Tracie.
Down a dark road
Castillo, Linda.
The late show
Connelly, Michael.
This fight is our fight : the battle to save America's middle class
Warren, Elizabeth.
Britt-Marie was here
Backman, Fredrik.
Once and for all
Dessen, Sarah.
Beach house for rent
Monroe, Mary Alice.
I heard the owl call my name
Craven, Margaret.
Killer crullers
Beck, Jessica.
Fatally Frosted
Beck, Jessica.
Powdered peril
Beck, Jessica.
No more Mr. Nice Guy! : a proven plan for getting what you want in love, sex, and life
Glover, Robert A.
Trap the devil
Coes, Ben.
Eye for an eye
Coes, Ben.
The blackhouse
May, Peter.
The chessmen
May, Peter.
The Lewis man
May, Peter.
The wonderful Wizard of Oz
Roumanis, Alexis.