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New Books

The Noel stranger
Evans, Richard Paul.
Trump's enemies: how the deep state is undermining the Presidency
Lewandowski, Corey R.
Queen of air and darkness
Clare, Cassandra.
Eggs on ice
Childs, Laura.
Robert B. Parker's blood feud
Lupica, Mike.
Tony's wife
Trigiani, Adriana.
Kingdom of the blind .
Penny, Louise.
Homeward hound
Brown, Rita Mae.
Patterson, James.
Of blood and bone
Roberts, Nora.
Obama. Michelle.
Beauchamp Hall
Steel, Danielle.
The end of loyalty
Wartzman, Rick.
Mr. Peabody's Apples
Oliver and the seawigs
Reeve, Philip.
The little horse that never grew up
Wagstaff, Dorothy. 1922-2005.
I spy the magpie
Kitzelman, Kerry.
Everyone is special
Parent, Nancy.
Koalo Sam
Freeman, Heather.
A birthday for Bear
Becker, Bonny.
March of the penguins
Roberts, Jordan.
The totality
Snyder, Scott.
Heap house
Carey, Edward.
Trusting you & other lies
Williams, Nicole.
Paris for two
Stone, Phoebe.
Antisocial .
Blake, Jillian.
Rad women worldwide : artists and athletes, pirates and punks, and other revolutionaries who shaped history
Schatz, Kate.
Behind closed doors
Halahmy, Miriam.
The library book
Orlean, Susan.
Nine perfect strangers
Moriarty, Liane.
Dead Sea rising
Jenkins, Jerry B.
A scandal in scarlet
Delany, Vicki.
When elephants paint : the quest of two Russian artists to save the elephants of Thailand
Komar, Vitaly.
The boy who harnessed the wind
Kamkwamba, William.
Adventures in the solar system : Planetron and me
Williams, Geoffrey T.
Two little trains
Brown, Margaret Wise.
Brave just like me
Ruff, Kimberly.
Cuddled and carried
Michels, Dia L.
Babies nurse = Así se alimentan los bebés
Fox, Phoebe (Phoebe K.), author.
Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers : a collection of family poems
Hoberman, Mary Ann.
A vintage death
Hughes, Mary Ellen.
The Christmas town
VanLiere, Donna.
The 13th gift : a true story of a Christmas miracle
Smith, Joanne Huist.
A wish to be a Christmas tree
Monroe, Colleen.
The broken ornament
DiTerlizzi, Tony.
Jesus Calling: the story of Christms
Young, Sarah.
Winter Wonder: a collection of stories for children & young adults
Huddleston, C.M.
The very first Christmas
Maier, Paul L.
Little fox in the snow
London, Jonathan.
Blackberry burial
Farrow, Sharon.
Etched in tears
Hollon, Cheryl.
Biscuits and slashed browns
Day, Maddie.
Perjury Proof
Beck, Jessica.
Awesome Facts: 2015
Awesome Facts
The junkyard wonders
Polacco, Patricia.
Searching for Christmas
Gardner, Holly Ann.
Diary of a 6th grade Ninja
Emerson, Marcus.
My, oh my-- a butterfly!
Rabe, Tish.
Mouse's Christmas gift
Baker, Mindy.
Moby Dick
Melville, Herman.
Jacob's Bell
Snyder, John.
The cat of the Baskervilles
Delany, vicki.
The true Saint Nicholas : why he matters to Christmas
Bennett, William J.
Apple tree Christmas
Noble, Trinka Hakes.
Miracle on 34th Street
Hill, Susanna Leonard.
The spirit of Christmas
Tillman, Nancy.
The Christmas miracle of Jonathan Toomey
Wojciechowski, Susan.
King Puck
Garland, Michael.
Incredible you! : 10 ways to let your greatness shine through
Dyer, Wayne W.
The circle of days
Lindbergh, Reeve.
Night of miracles
Berg, Elizabeth.
Twilight of the elves
Clark, Zack Loran.
The Adventurers Guild
Clark, Zack Loran.
The Lying Woods
Elston, Ashley.
A Christmas revelation
Perry, Anne.
This naked mind : control alcohol, find freedom, discover happiness & change your life
Grace, Annie.
Salvatore, R. A.
Sleep, my bunny
Wells, Rosemary.
Long road to Mercy
Balcaddi, David.
The fox
Forsyth, Frederick.
You don't own me
Clark, Mary Higgins.
Jesus is risen : Paul and the early church
Limbaugh, David.
Sea of greed
Cussler, Clive.
The Reckoning
Grisham, John.
Past tense
Child, Lee.
Look alive : twenty-five
Evanovich, Janet.
The valley of shadows
Ringo, John.
Kingsolver, Barbara.
Harvest of secrets
Crosby, Ellen.
The colors of all the cattle
McCall Smith, Alexander.
Dark mind rising
Keller, Julia.
When breath becomes air
Kalanithi, Paul. Dr.
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