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New Books

Sing, unburied, sing
Ward, Jesmyn.
The silver mask
Black, Holly.
Shocked by the Bible 2
Kovacs, Joe.
Clifton Forge Mountaineers
Walton, Wanda.
Central High School: 1931-1950
Walton, Wanda.
Tap tap boom boom
Bluemle, Elizabeth.
Fancy Nancy: Time for puppy school
O'Connor, Jane.
Pete the cat and the treasure map
Dean, James.
The Berenstain Bears pirate adventure
Berenstain, Mike.
Mr. Lincoln's way
Polacco, Patricia.
The nitrogen murder
Minichino, Camille.
The oxygen murder
Minichino, Camille.
The nine lives of Chloe King
Braswell, Liz.
The God of small things
Roy, Arundhati.
The girl with no shadow
Harris, Joanne.
The famine plot : England's role in Ireland's greatest tragedy .
Coogan, Tim Pat.
Diary of the dark years, 1940-1944 : collaboration, resistance, and daily life in occupied Paris
Guéhenno, Jean.
Fun days
Hillert, Margaret.
Yard sale
Bunting, Eve.
Princess Sparkle-Heart gets a makeover
Schneider, Josh.
Strega Nona does it again.
DePaola, Tomie.
Ladder to the moon
Soetoro-Ng, Maya.
I will never get a star on Mrs. Benson's blackboard
Mann, Jennifer K.
Duncan the story dragon
Driscoll, Amanda.
Sea otter pup
Miles, Victoria.
Finn and Poe team up!
Millici, Nate.
Star Wars : trapped in the Death Star!
Siglain, Michael.
Night sky
Drimmer, Stephanie Warren.
Jungle animals
Nath, Arpita. / Editor.
All about bats
Jenner, Caryn.
Best reading buddies
O'Connor, Jane.
We love baseball!
Berenstain, Mike.
Pinkalicious. Story time
Kann, Victoria.
Reds against blues!
Awdry, W.
Odd is left
Frederick, Michael.
Ultimate cake mix book
Publications International, Ltd.
Baked books
Beck, Jessica.
The selfless act
Brunstetter, Wanda E.
The divided family
Brunstetter, Wanda E.
The missing will
Brunstetter, Wanda E.
The betrayed fiancee
Brunstetter, Wanda E.
The stubborn father
Brunstetter, Wanda E.
The English son
Brunstetter, Wanda E.
The farmer's market mishap
Brunstetter, Wanda E.
Falling darkness
Harper, Karen.
Terra Jole: fierce at four foot two
Jole, Terra.
The girl who takes an eye for an eye
Lagercrantz, David.
I will find you: solving killer cases from my life fighting crime
Kenda, Joe.
To be where you are
Karon, Jan.
Babylon confidential : a memoir of love, sex, and addiction
Christian, Claudia.
If the creek don't rise
Weiss, Leah.
Where the light falls
Pataki, Allison.
Britt-Marie was here
Backman, Fredrik.
Little fires everywhere
Ng, Celeste.
My absolute darling
Tallent, Gabriel.
Unstoppable : my life so far
Sharapova, Maria.
Dog Man .
Pilkey, Dav.
Dog Man unleashed
Pilkey, Dav.
Kindness and courage
Green, Rico.
Something more
Geron, Eric.
It's backward day!
O'Connor, Jane.
Miss Maple's seeds
Wheeler, Eliza.
Helen Keller
Jazynka, Kitson.
The promise
Davies, Nicola.
We love our school!
Sierra, Judy.
My trip to the science myseum
Mayer, Mercer.
The Bangkok asset
Burdett, John.
The road home
Harrison, Jim. 1937-2016.
Cam Jansen and the green school mystery
Adler, David A.
Cam Jansen and the tennis trophy mystery
Adler, David A.
First grade, here I come!
Steinberg, David.
The Great Pumpkin returns
Schulz, Charles M.
Magic and Macaroons
Cates, Bailey.
Spells and scones
Cates, Bailey.
Holly and Ivy
Michaels, Fern.
Patterson, James.
113 minutes
Patterson, James.
Cross kill
Patterson, James.
Let's play make-believe
Patterson, James.
Home all along
Wiseman, Beth.
The Romanov ransom
Cussler, Clive.
The Christmas room
Anderson, Catherine.
A darker shade of magic
Schwab, Victoria
The big lie : exposing the Nazi roots of the American Left
D'Souza, Dinesh.
Pick the plot
Riley, James.
Hidden heart
Roberts, Nora.
The return journey
Binchy, Maeve.
London Transports
Binchy, Maeve.
The queen's accomplice
MacNeal, Susan Elia.
Mrs. Roosevelt's confidante
MacNeal, Susan Elia.
The Prime Minister's Secret Agent
MacNeal, Susan Elia.
His Majesty's Hope
MacNeal, Susan Elia.
Don't let go
Coben, Harlan.
Sleeping beauties
King, Stephen.
True north
Harrison, Jim, 1937-2016.
The bondage breaker
Anderson, Neil T.
The Christmas bride
Hill, Grace Livingston, 1865-1947.
The general vs. the president : MacArthur and Truman at the brink of nuclear war
Brands, H. W.
The Russian Revolution : a new history .
McMeekin, Sean.
Secondhand time : the last of the Soviets
Aleksievich, Svetlana.
Patterson, James.
Silence of the Jams
Leeson, Gayle.
Death by Vanilla Latte
Erickson, Alex.
Redemption Bay
Thayne, RaeAnne.
Riverbend Road
Thayne, RaeAnne.
Letters from home, 1946-1947
Goodwin, Stewart.
Daniels, B. J.
Long Summer Days
Roberts, Nora.
The glassblower's apprentice
Pezzelli, Peter.
Italian lessons
Pezzelli, Peter.
Villa Mirabella
Pezzelli, Peter.
Gone with the twins
Logan, Kylie.
Twisted Creek
Thomas, Jodi.
The moon and more
Dessen, Sarah.
What happened to goodbye
Dessen, Sarah.
The truth about forever
Dessen, Sarah.
That summer
Dessen, Sarah.
Someday, someday, maybe
Graham, Lauren.
Love saves the day
Cooper, Gwen.
Thief's mark
Neggers, Carla.
A column of fire
Follett, Ken.
Coulter, Catherine.
The unquiet grave
McCrumb, Sharyn.
Robert B. Parker's the Hangman's sonnet
Parker, Robert B.
A dollhouse to die for
Price, Cate.
Lie of the needle
Price, Cate.
An imperfect oath
Goodwin, Stewart.
Town in maple madness
Haywood, B. B.
Grace to the finish
Hyzy, Julie A.
The cat, the collector and the killer
Sweeney, Leann.
Francesca's kitchen
Pezzelli, Peter.
Hunter / Hunted
Goodwin, Stewart.
Lessons learned: a practical guide to care giving
Goodwin, Stewart.