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New Books

I lost my tooth!
Willems, Mo.
The wall in the middle of the book
Agee, Jon.
The day the world came to town : 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland
DeFede, Jim.
Fiona the hippo
Cowdrey, Richard.
Almost astronauts : the true story of the "Mercury 13" women
Stone, Tanya Lee.
A trip to the ball game
Lake, Kirsten.
What was the Boston Tea Party?
Krull, Kathleen.
How do dolphins communicate?
MacDhui, Lori.
The people and culture of the Mandan .
Ryckman, Tatiana.
My favorite sport
Rosen, Robert.
U.S. Presidents
DuMont, Brianna.
One foot in the grove.
Lane, Kelly.
Stone painting for kids
Bac, F. Sehnaz.
Dopesick : dealers, doctors, and the drug company that addicted America
Macy, Beth.
A horse for Elsie: an Amish Christmas romance
Byler, Linda.
Thrice the brinded cat hath mew'd
Bradley, Alan.
Louisiana's way home
DiCamillo, Kate.
The duchess deal
Dare, Tessa.
Why not tonight
Mallery, Susan.
Blood Communion
Rice, Anne.
Killing the SS : the hunt for the worst war criminals in history
O'Reilly, Bill.
The dead ringer
Beaton, M. C.
Glitter bomb
Childs, Laura.
Ship of fools : how a selfish ruling class is bringing America to the brink of revolution
Carlson, Tucker.
Spy school goes south
Gibbs, Stuart.
Shusterman, Neal.
A Map of Days
Riggs, Ransom.
War of the wolf
Cornwell, Bernard.
An easy death
Harris, Charlaine.
The dream daughter
Chamberlain, Diane.
A spark of light
Picoult, Jodi.
Alaskan holiday
Macomber, Debbie.
Pieces of her
Slaughter, Karin.
Legacy of mercy
Austin, Lynn N.
Fear : Trump in the White House
Woodward, Bob.
The last full measure
Reedy, Trent.
Fertile land and soil
Sherman, Jill.
Gish, Melissa.
Death over easy
Day, Maddie.
I spy extreme challenger : a book of picture riddles
Marzollo, Jean.
Choose your own journey
Brooks, Susie.
When we were very young
Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander), 1882-1956.
Oceanology: the true account of the voyages of the Nautilus
Steer, Duglad.
As chimney sweepers come to dust
Bradley, Alan.
The grave's a fine and private place
Bradley, Alan.
The sweetness at the bottom of the pie
Bradley, Alan.
Speaking from among the bones
Bradley, Alan.
The dead in their vaulted arches
Bradley, Alan.
The weed that strings the hangman's bag
Bradley, Alan.
A red herring without mustard
Bradley, Alan.
I am half-sick of shadows
Bradley, Alan.
Levi's family
Riley, Elliot.
The second-chance dog : a love story
Katz, Jon.
Death under glass
McAndrews, Jennifer.
A shattering crime
McAndrews, Jennifer
Purrder she wrote
Conte, Cate.
Dave Miller's homebrewing guide : everything you need to know to make great-tasting beer
Miller, David G.
The 8th Garfield treasury
Davis, Jim.
Treat your own neck
McKenzie, Robin.
Called to coach : reflections on life, faith and football
Bowden, Bobby.
The selected poems of Nikki Giovanni.
Giovanni, Nikki.
The Jewish holidays : a guide and commentary
Strassfeld, Michael.
Ill-gotten panes
McAndrews, Jennifer.
Mr. Bear squash-you-all-flat
Gipson, Morrell.
Pure of heart
Greyson, Christopher.
Ellis Island interviews : in their own words
Coan, Peter M.
Tell me a Mitzi
Segal, Lore Groszmann.
Science around the house: simple projects using household recyclables
Fulcher, Roz.
First Time Do-It! Book
Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005.
Lord of the Pies
Hampton, Nell.
Han on the run
Davies, Beth.
Meet the crew
Patrick, Ella.
Kenyon, Sherrilyn.
Special Needs Trusts: protect your child's financial future
Urbatsch, Kevin.
On the hook
Hechtman, Betty.
Crime rib
Budewitz, Leslie.
Butter off dead
Budewitz, Leslie.
Death al dente
Budewitz, Leslie.
The Mechanical Devil
Buried secrets
Cameron, Barbara.
Tell me I'm wrong
Croft, Adam.
Her last tomorrow
Croft, Adam.
In her image
Croft, Adam.
Only the truth
Croft, Adam.
My soul to steal
Vincent, Rachel.
My soul to keep
Vincent, Rachel.
With all my soul
Vincent, Rachel.
The nutcracker and the four realms : the dance of the realms
Glass, Calliope.
Hold back the dark
Hooper, Kay.
The girl in the moon
Goodkind, Terry.
Red war
Mills, Kyle.
The armageddon file
Coonts, Stephen.
Ramp Hollow : the ordeal of Appalachia
Stoll, Steven.
Glow15 : a science-based plan to lose weight, revitalize your skin, and invigorate your life
Whittel, Naomi.
Night comes to the Cumberlands : a biography of a depressed area
Caudill, Harry M., 1922-1990.
The fall of Gondolin
Tolkien, J. R. R
White River burning
Verdon, John.
Alligator candy
Kushner, David.
Bauman, Jeff.
My first soccer handbook
Gifford, Clive.
The moon man
Harris, Isabel.
I give you the world
McCleary, Stacey.
You're a big brother, Charlie Brown !
Schulz, Charles M.
Babysitting mode
Hernandez, Sarah.
I am strong
Capozzi, Suzy.
I am kind
Capozzi, Suzy.
Avengers: look and find
Mawhinney, Art.
Ant-Man: look and find
Mawhinney, Art.
Solo: Look and find
Mawhinney, Art.
My tail's not tired
Hunter, Jana Novotny.
Ice in the jungle
Hofmann-Maniyar, Ariane.
Quick Quack Quentin
Gray, Kes.
Build it! Dinosaurs : make supercool models with your favorite lego parts
Kemmeter, Jennifer.
Build it! sea life : make supercool models with your favorite lego parts
Kemmeter, Jennifer.
The solar system
Ball, Nate.
The incredible Elastigirl
Bouchard, Natasha.
Bingo & Rolly's jokes and riddles
Williams, Harland. Creator
Emma moves in.
Hutton, Clare.
Yodel the yearling
Holland, Mary.
Ball, Nate.
The Berenstain Bears : long, long ago
Berenstain, Mike, 1951- author, illustrator.
I'm having a sky blue day! : a colorful book about feelings
Testa, Maggie.
I'm feeling macaroni and cheese : a colorful book about feelings
Gallo, Tina.
Paddington 2 : dear Aunt Lucy
Macri, Thomas.
Pete the cat and the cool caterpillar
Dean, James.
Pinkalicious at the fair
Kann, Victoria.
The Berenstain Bears and the ducklings
Berenstain, Mike.
The Berenstain Bears' big machines
Berenstain, Mike.
In my life
Meister, Cari.
Louise loves bake sales
Driscoll, Laura.
Blowing in the wind.
Brooke, Samantha.
Rock Man vs. Weather Man
Brooke, Samantha.
It's great to be kind
Collins, Jordan.
It's great to work together
Collins, Jordan.
It's great to share
Collins, Jordan.
It's great to keep calm
Collins, Jordan.
Cowboy Charm School
Brownley, Margaret.
A simple Christmas
Hubbard, Charlotte.
A dark and twisting path
Buckley, Julia.
Maisie Dobbs
Winspear, Jacqueline.
Dark tide rising
Perry, Anne, author.
Freedom's light
Coble, Colleen.
The storm runner
Cervantes, Jennifer.
Where the crawdads sing
Owens, Delia.
Big game : the NFL in dangerous times .
Leibovich, Mark.
Sea prayer
Hosseini, Khaled.
Courtney's War
Smith, Wilbur.
Echoes of evil
Graham, Heather.
A willing murder
Deveraux, Jude.
Christmas Cake murder
Fluke, Joanne.
Field of bones
Jance, J. A.
A gentleman in Moscow
Towles, Amor.
A peace to end all peace : creating the modern Middle East, 1914-1922
Fromkin, David.
Button men
Gross, Andrew.
The Good Neighbor
King, Maxwell.
21 lessons for the 21st century
Harari, Yuval N.
Winners take all : the elite charade of changing the world
Giridharadas, Anand.
The restless wave : good times, just causes, great fights and other appreciations
McCain, John, 1936-2018.
One long night : a global history of concentration camps
Pitzer, Andrea.
The everything guide to Lyme disease : from symptoms to treatments, all you need to manage the physical and psychological effects of Lyme disease
Tokarz, Rafal.
Road dog : life and reflections from the road as a stand-up comic
Davidoff, Dov.
The schmuck in my office : how to deal effectively with difficult people at work
Foster, Jody.
The Kaiser's Army: the German Army during World War One
Stone, David.