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New Books

Turow, Scott.
The force
Winslow, Don.
The Templars' last secret
Walker, Martin.
Beyond the sea
Golemon, David Lynn.
Dangerous minds
Evanovich, Janet.
Camino Island
Grisham, John.
Gwendy's button box
King, Stephen.
365 Days of Wonder : Mr. Browne's Book of Precepts
Palacio, R. J.
The vanishing American adult : our coming-of-age crisis--and how to rebuild a culture of self-reliance
Sasse, Benjamin E.
The operator : firing the shots that killed Osama bin Laden and my years as a SEAL Team warrior
O'Neill, Robert.
You will pay
Jackson, Lisa.
King, Laurie R.
Harris, Charlaine.
The sunshine sisters
Green, Jane.
The American spirit : who we are and what we stand for
McCullough, David G..
The divide
Petersheim, Jolina.
Theft by finding : diaries (1977-2016)
Sedaris, David.
Once a rebel
Putney, Mary Jo.
The ultimatum
Robards, Karen.
The black elfstone : the fall of Shannara
Brooks, Terry.
Kiss Carlo
Trigiani, Adriana.
Frozen: the story of Anna & Elsa
Disney Enterprises
The little Mermaid: the story of Ariel
Disney Enterprises
Cinderella: the story of Cinderella
Disney Enterprises
Snow White and the seven dwarfs: the story of Snow White
Disney Enterprises
The Princess and the frog: the story of Tiana
Disney Enterprises
Let's have a play
Hillert, Margaret.
The switch
Finder, Joseph.
Tom Clancy point of contact
Maden, Mike.
The swallow's nest
Richards, Emilie.
The silent corner
Koontz, Dean R.
Indecent exposure
Woods, Stuart.
Beyond reason
Martin, Kat.
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows
Rowling, J. K.
Needlework animals : with over 25 original charted designs
Bradley, Elizabeth.
A Royal affair
Roberts, Nora.
Shirley Temple : American princess
Edwards, Anne.
The reluctant suitor
Woodiwiss, Kathleen E.
Play ball
Hillert, Margaret.
The Virginia plan : William B. Thalhimer & a Rescue from Nazi Germany
Gillette, Robert H.
The wolves at the door : the true story of America's greatest female spy
Pearson, Judith.
The mermaid's scream
Ellis, Kate.
World War I on the Virginia Peninsula
Quarstein, John V.
The nutcracker
Roumanis, Alexis.
Beauty and the beast
Roumanis, Alexis.
Snow White
Roumanis, Alexis.
The words book
Timmons, Christine.
Hansel and Gretel
Biro, Val.
Bring me home for Christmas
Carr, Robyn.
Alice's adventures in Wonderland
Roumanis, Alexis.
The Wyoming kid
Macomber, Debbie.
For all time
Deveraux, Jude.
Delinsky, Barbara.
The emperor's new clothes
Biro, Val.
The big rain
McDonald, Kirsten.
Tío time
McDonald, Kirsten.
The yummy mistake
McDonald, Kirsten.
The sky stirs up trouble : tornadoes
Jensen, Belinda, author.
Raindrops on a roller coaster : hail
Jensen, Belinda, author.
Weather clues in the sky : clouds
Jensen, Belinda.
Spinning wind and water : hurricanes
Jensen, Belinda.
Andrew and the birthday surprise : the boy who cried wolf remixed
Miller, Connie Colwell.
A time out of joint
Hill, Roland.
AWOL on the Appalachian trail
Miller, David.
The secret history of the Blitz : how we behaved during our darkest days and created modern Britain
Levine, Joshua.
Will not attend : lively stories of detachment and isolation
Resnick, Adam.
Torchbearers of democracy : African American soldiers in World War I era
Williams, Chad Louis, 1976-
The unknown soldiers : African-American troops in World War I
Barbeau, Arthur E.
Pacific legacy : image and memory from World War II in the Pacific
Smith, Rex Alan.
Lies, knives and girls in red dresses
Koertge, Ronald.
Ant farm : and other desperate situations
Rich, Simon.
Free-range chickens
Rich, Simon.
Undead Ed and the demon freakshow
Ghoulstone, Rotterly.
Selected tales and sketches
Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-1864.
The portrait of a lady
James, Henry, 1843-1916.
A court of wings and ruin
Maas, Sarah J.
The frozen hours
Shaara, Jeff.
Rock with wings
Hillerman, Anne.
The girl with the make-believe husband
Quinn, Julia.
Lord of shadows
Clare, Cassandra.
No one but you
Novak, Brenda.
Less than a treason
Stabenow, Dana.
Dinosaur ghost
Soderberg, Erin.
Dragon teeth
Crichton, Michael.
An affair with a notorious heiress
Heath, Lorraine.
Crazy house
Patterson, James.
Cussler, Clive.
Come sundown
Roberts, Nora.
A party of one
Oxendine, Margo
Lost at sea
Nagler, Michelle H.
Search for the lost tooth
Barbo, Maria S.
James and the kindergartener : the lion and the mouse remixed
Miller, Connie Colwell.
Mary, Anna, and the little brother : The lion, the bear, and the fox remixed
Miller, Connie Colwell.
Going home
Roberts, Nora.