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New Books

The Warsaw protocol
Berry, Steve.
Death of an honest man
Beaton, M. C.
Cocnut layer cake murder
Fluke, Joanne.
Such a fun age
Reid, Kiley.
The speckled monster : a historical tale of battling smallpox
Carrell, Jennifer Lee.
Space Boy
McCranie, Stephen.
Space Boy
McCranie, Stephen.
Space Boy
McCranie, Stephen.
Space Boy
McCranie, Stephen.
Space Boy
McCranie, Stephen.
Eyewitness ocean
MacQuitty, Miranda.
A Bookshop in Berlin : the rediscovered memoir of one woman's harrowing escape from the Nazis
Frenkel, Françoise, 1889-1975.
Charlie Brown : all tied up
Schulz, Charles M.
Christmas is here!
Schulz, Charles M.
Gobble Up, Snoopy!
Schulz, Charles M.
Curious George. Trash into treasure .
Freitas, Bethany V.
Secrets of the dark side.
Jones, Matt.
Mouse and Mole, secret valentine
Yee, Wong Herbert.
Star wars. What is a droid?
Stock, Lisa.
Alien mix-up
Forte, Lauren.
Muck on ice
Sollinger, Emily.
Lofty and the giraffe .
Sollinger, Emily.
Caught bread handed
Alexander, Ellie.
Fudge & jury
Alexander, Ellie.
A crime of passion fruit
Alexander, Ellie.
Another one bites the crust
Alexander, Ellie.
The quintessential quinoa cookbook : eat great, lose weight, feel healthy
Polisi, Wendy.
Death of a ghost
Beaton, M. C.
Monster High
Harrison, Lisi.
Armies of sand : the past, present, and future of Arab military effectiveness
Pollack, Kenneth M.
The "I hate to exercise" book for people with diabetes
Hayes, Charlotte.
Alpha Bakery
General Mills
The 1st American Cookie Lady
Swell, Barabara.
All rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook
Connor, Leslie.
Crime Biters! : it's a doggy dog world
Greenwald, Tom.
Buried to the brim
McKinlay, Jenn.
A field guide to homicide
Cahoon, Lynn.
Claw enforcement
Ryan, Sofie.
Sealed Off
Ross, Barbara.
Meet your baker
Alexander, Ellie.
A batter of life and death
Alexander, Ellie.
On thin icing
Alexander, Ellie.
Littler women : a modern retelling
Schaefer, Laura.
The mapmaker and the ghost
Tash, Sarvenaz.
The secrets they kept
Goodwin, Stewart.
The Official SAT study guide
College Board
The secret world : a history of intelligence
Andrew, Christopher M.
The obstacle is the way : the timeless art of turning trials into triumph
Holiday, Ryan.
The Supreme Court landmark decisions : 20 cases that changed America
Mauro, Tony.
Easy guide to the U.S. Constitution
Fall River Press
Healing Secrets of the Native American
Shimer, Porter.
Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862.
A land without sun
Huston, Paula.
Breaking up with sugar : a plan to divorce the diets, drop the pounds, and live your best life
Carmel, Molly.
Under the Trestle
Peterson, Ron. Jr.
The breakthrough : immunotherapy and the race to cure cancer
Graeber, Charles.
This is The Faith: a complete explanation of the Catholic Faith
Ripley, Canon Francis.
Brave companions : portraits in history
McCullough, David G.
Bodden, Valerie.
You can't dance to these rhythms : what are algorithms?
Cleary, Brian P.
Women and children first : sinking of the Titanic
Loh-Hagan, Virginia.
Bessie Coleman
Spiller, Sara.
What are computer networks and the Internet?
Reed, Jennifer.
Eleventh grade stress
Ingram, Bruce.
A very stable genius : Donald J. Trump's testing of America
Rucker, Philip.
Upheaval : turning points for nations in crisis
Diamond, Jared M.
Three things about Elsie
Cannon, Joanna.
The trouble with goats and sheep
Cannon, Joanna.
Diary of a wimpy kid : double down
Kinney, Jeff.
The house of eyes
Ellis, Kate.
Night stalkers
Whiting, Jim.
Simply ball : with pilates principles
Pohlman, Jennifer.
Cracking Da Vinci's code
Garlow, James L.
Dusted Discoveries
Beck, Jessica.
Long bright river
Moore, Liz.
Last Day
Rice, Luanne.
A long petal of the sea
Allende, Isabel.
Why we sleep : unlocking the power of sleep and dreams
Walker, Matthew P.
Dear Edward
Napolitano, Ann.
The man in the crooked hat
Dolan, Harry.
The house we grew up in
Jewell, Lisa.
The bookshop of yesterdays
Meyerson, Amy.
The book woman of Troublesome Creek
Richardson, Kim Michele, author.
Bookmarked for murder
Burns, V. M.
365 Feng Shui Tips
Too, Lillian.
Constant fear
Palmer, Daniel.
On lone star trail
Cabot, Amanda.
The Noel diary : from the Noel collection
Evans, Richard Paul.
How to knit a murder
Goldenbaum, Sally.
Golden in death
Robb, J. D.
The uncommon appeal of clouds
McCall Smith, Alexander.
Paths to recovery : Al-Anon's steps, traditions, and concepts.
Al-Anon Family Goups
Alcoholics Anonymous : the story of how many thousands of men and women have recovered from alcoholism
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services
Gibson, William.
Alone in the wild
Armstrong, Kelley.
American dirt
Cummins, Jeanine.
Country Strong
Miller, Linda Lael.
The Mitford murders
Fellowes, Jessica.
Bright young dead
Fellowes, Jessica.
The Mitford scandal
Fellowes, Jessica.
Keep on truckin'
Angleberger, Tom.
The mighty Chewbacca in the Forest of Fear!
Angleberger, Tom.
The Bookshop on the corner
Colgan, Jenny.
The keeper of lost things
Hogan, Ruth.
Washington Black
Edugyan, Esi.
The novel habits of happiness
McCall Smith, Alexander.
A distant view of everything
McCall Smith, Alexander.
The quiet side of passion
McCall Smith, Alexander.
Vulture : the private life of an unloved bird
Fallon, Katie.
A daring escape
Goyer, Tricia.
Bringing Maggie home
Sawyer, Kim Vogel.
Close to home
Dugoni, Robert.
The trapped girl
Dugoni, Robert.
Their daring hearts
MacLaren, Sharlene.
To wager her heart
Alexander, Tamera.
To whisper her name
Alexander, Tamera.
To win her favor
Alexander, Tamera.
Wok Every Day
Grunes, Barbara.
Pancakes & waffles
Pappas, Lou Seibert.
A walk with Jane Austen : a journey into adventure, love, and faith
Smith, Lori.
I see a cat
Meisel, Paul.
Llama Llama, be my Valentine!
Dewdney, Anna.
Llama Llama secret Santa surprise
Dewdney, Anna.
Llama Llama happy birthday!
Dewdney, Anna.
The Berenstain Bears Merry Christmas
Berenstain, Stan.
Just a snowy vacation
Mayer, Mercer.
Caillou takes the train
Moeller, Rebecca.
A very Fuddles Christmas
Vischer, Frans.
Vischer, Frans.
Caillou: Circus fun
Moeller, Rebecca.
Caillou: old shoes, new shoes
Moeller, Rebecca.
Caillou: where is my cat?
Moeller, Rebecca.
Real kids, real stories, real character : choices that matter around the world
Sundem, Garth
Trailblazers : 33 women in science who changed the world
Swaby, Rachel.
Witches Oath
Goodkind, Terry.
Secrets of the Tulip sisters
Mallery, Susan.
The Irish cowboy
Ulsterman, D. W.
In the shadow of Vesuvius
Alexander, Tasha.
Things you save in a fire
Center, Katherine.
The accomplice
Kanon, Joseph.
The great believers
Makkai, Rebecca.
A dog's journey
Cameron, W. Bruce.
The real Men in Black
Redfern, Nick.
The burning white
Weeks, Brent.
The broken eye
Weeks, Brent.
The blinding knife
Weeks, Brent.
The black prism
Weeks, Brent.
The family upstairs
Jewell, Lisa.
Then she was gone
Jewell, Lisa.
Tightrope : Americans reaching for hope
Kristof, Nicholas D.
Palmer, Diana.
The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster
Hardy, Darren.
A family recipe
Henry, Veronica.
Heart of black ice
Goodkind, Terry.
House on fire
Finder, Joseph.
Careless whiskers
James, Miranda.
One fatal mistake
Hunt, Tom.
The coming storm
Roberts, Nora.
Unforgettable you
Novak, Brenda.
The snowiest Christmas ever!
Chapman, Jane.
The space disaster
McElligott, Matthew.
Living things and nonliving things : a compare and contrast Book
Kurtz, Kevin.
We are thankful
Busse, R. R.
Rainbow road trip
Sisler, Celeste.
Meet the PALs
Fox, Jennifer.
Meet the squad!
Sisler, Celeste.
Red Icon
Eastland, Sam.
How to find love in a bookshop
Henry, Veronica.
Let's learn pronouns!
Mikoley, Kate.
The Washington Monument
Chang, Kirsten.
Michelle Obama: health advocate
Leaf, Christina.
Forgive me
Palmer, Daniel.
Palmer, Michael.