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New Sound Recordings

A High Sierra Christmas
Johnstone, William W.
A gathering of secrets
Castillo, Linda.
Torturous Trek
Brand, Max.
Canadian Red
Stone, R.W.
Three Trails to Triangle
Horton, Robert J.
Trouble at Temescal: a western duo
Bohham, Frank.
Hunted wolf: a western quartet
Flynn, T.T.
Where the bullets fly
McCauley, Terrence.
Terror in gunsight
Paine, Lauran.
L'Amour, Louis.
Classic Christmas: a holiday song collection
Dark sacred night
Connelly, Michael.
The Ones
Sweren-Becker, Daniel, author.
Ghost hunter
Castle, Jayne.
Finder, Joseph.
The pharaoh key
Preston, Douglas J.
Young, William Paul.
Texas Ranger
Patterson, James.